Your Partner For Flow

As a spin-off from the Tintschl Engineering AG Tintschl BioEnergie und Strömungstechnik AG is a member of the Tintschl group since January 2009.

Being a team of highly motivated engineers we focus on services referring to fluid technology, including special constructions and testing fume cupboards. Due to our broad range of different services in engineering we are able to support our customers during improving their technology processes or to even newly develop relevant components until their production can be started.

Our experience in fluid mechanics also refers to products for visualizing and measuring air flow.

Additionally we are engaged in optimizing a testing facility for producing hydrogen from biological waste.

Our high standard is quality-tested according to ISO 9001 and is monitored accordingly.

We will be pleased to answer your questions asked by telephone or via our request form!

Due to the high educational level of our engineers, technicians and design draftsmen our portfolio comprises highly specified services and sophisticated products as follows:

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Measuring and Visualizing Flow
  • Testing Fume Cupboards 
  • Designing Components for Ventilation Technology and Process Engineering
  • Manufacturing and Distributing Products for Ventialtion Technology and Fume Cupboards, particularly

    • Control Displays for Fume Cupboards
    • Fog Generating Equipment for Visualizing Air Flow
    • Measurement Equipment for Air Velocity and Air Temperatur