Room Air-Flow

The ventilation technology equipment is used in many different buildings or special rooms without a detailed consideration of the air flow. Often either the sought criterias regarding the traded air flow are not complete or they are much bigger than necessary. In both cases needless costs may arise which could be saved through a purposeful change of an existing ventilation or an in advanced detailed replanning:


We examine the already existing inside rooms with the corrisponding measuring technology which is partly supported by flow visualization (of our self-developed fog generators). Our broad experience in recording and assessing corresponding measurement data are the basics for our effective consultation.


Alternatively or in addition we simulate the air flow in our computer:

With an virtual illustration of the asked room or building, we create the requirements to calculate the air flow, dust deposites and if applicable even temperature fields to make it easier for our customers to understand the processes.


The synergy of the experimental and numerical experiences in the flow technology put us in the position to support our customers in the quickest and most economic way.