LAFA™ - Control Display for Fume Cupboards

Our customers have been using our control systems for may years since they meet the requirements of national and international standards for fume cupboards and have turned out to be highly reliable.

Apart from the control system shown on the left we also offer customized solutions which might comprise a constructional adoption as well as a special software

The current version is:

LAFA™ econ 4.0

(Control system according to DIN EN 14175)


A user manual for the LAFA™ econ 4.0 and the previous versions LAFA™ econ 3.0 and LAFA™ econ 2.4 can be downloaded in our Download-Center.


Please note:
The LAFA™ econ 4.x are no longer in production.
There are only a few pieces of our LAFA™ econ 4.0 left on stock.