Fluid Dynamics

Flow conditions including heat transmissions and mass transport can be calculated by Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

For a professional use of the referring tools their is a need for an interdisciplinary collaboration of mathematics, physics and engineering science since the use of these complex methods demands for experience and know how in all of these fields likewise. The engineers in our CFD-team represent the appropriate know-how, so that we are able to professionally solve your problems.

Depending on the focus of your problem to be solved we either use state-of-the-art software or design individual software in order to simulate the physical phenomena representing the respective problem. Based on this initial step we calculate the relevant process. Our special expertise includes the professional use of ANSYS CFX, which enables numerical imaging of a plurality of technical flow processes including heat transmission and mass transport.

According to our fine grasp of the process principles as well as our know-how regarding an optimized utilization of this software we are able to efficiently elaborate a qualified solution for your problem.