CFD - Automotive

We support manufacturers and suppliers of the automotive industry by helping with our knowledge in fluid mechanics, espacially in computational fluid dynamics, to solve a diversity of tasks.

CFD - Calculation Examples



On behalf of an automobile manufacturer we have simulated the movement of oil within a gearbox in order to prevent the clutch from running dry. The picture shows the movement of oil during an acceleration trip with subsequent cornering.

Car Seat


The simulation shown left refers to the effectiveness of an air conditioning system cooling down a leather car seat, which has been heated due to massive solar radiation.

Air conditioning in the vehicle interior


The flow pattern and temperature distribution in a vehicle interior can be seen in this video. The driving seat heated up the sun. The simulation shows the behaviour after switching on the vehicle air conditioner. The video shows the change of the airflow and the temperature in the vehicle interior. A seperate analysis allows the investigation of temperature of the vehicle seat.