CFD - Ventilation Engineering

We were able to solve a wide variety of requirements in the fields of Ventilation Engineering and to help our customers with their different requests, for example:

  • Optimum air distribution
  • Smoke extraction
  • Particle distribution
  • Corrosive gas distribution





As part of our engineering services we support manufacturers of laboratory fume cupboards in the development and optimization of their fume cupboards.

Due to our numerical caluclations we stimulated a thinking process, that many reasons in non-residential buildings could cause problems and that these problems could be detected and monitored by computaional fluid dynamics. Among others we showed the issue of temperature differences.

Please find further information at and further videos on our youtube-Kanal.

  • Wind loads on radio telescopes

    • for the esoc –european space operations centre

  • Wind loads on revolving doors of a building in the VW Autostadt

    • Calculation of forces and loads on these glass revolving doors
    • Result: With the current arrangement, a strong flow appeared after opening one of the doors

  • Wind loads on a rotunda of a furniture store in Straubing
  • Calculations of forces on the applied glass surface
  • determining of break-off situations


CFD - Calculation Examples

Fume Cupboard


An essential function of a fume cupboard is its retention. This retention has been analyzed during a testing procedure by the use of so-called "tracer-gas". The picture shows a simulated distribution of gas output within the fume cupboard.

Room Air flows


The video shows a transient simulation of a robustness test. Tracergas is injected into a fume cupboard and investigated, if gas exits the fume cupboard while a plate passes.